Esenyurt Hotel for International Yarn Fair

yarn _ fair

yarn _ fair

Tüyap Fair Center will host the 17th International Yarn Fair between 27.02.2020 / 29.02.2020. International participation is expected because of the international participation.

Esenyurt Hotel for International Yarn Fair – Agora Suit Hotel

Agora Suit Hotel is pleased to host International Yarn Fair participants. Agora Suit Hotel, which is distinguished from all other accommodation companies with its transportation convenience and comfortable prices, is at the service of our esteemed guests 7-24.

Although there are many accommodation places around Tüyap, the participants prefer the Agora Suit Hotel. Because Agora Suit Hotel is the shining star of Esenyurt Hotels. If you want to reserve a place for the 17th International Yarn Fair, you can contact us immediately and reserve your place.

Agora Otel

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